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APG Prop Trading
3 min readNov 13, 2023

Always wanted to get into proprietary trading but didn’t know where to start? It all starts with choosing the right firm. Blue Guardian and FTMO have made their mark, but a rising contender, Accelerated Prop Group (APG), is making some serious headway. Let’s delve into the distinctive features of APG and how it stacks up against the established players in the industry. In the case of APG, new could very much be better.

Accelerated Prop Group (APG): A New King Emerges?

As a relatively new player in prop trading, APG is making waves by redefining proprietary trading. With an experienced team that is unafraid to be bold and a real focus on educating their traders, APG is positioning itself as a go-to choice for anyone seeking a start in prop trading.

What Sets APG Apart?

Cost-Effective Trading: First and foremost, accessibility. Unlike some firms, APG’s pricing structure is designed to be more affordable than market prices. This gives as many people as possible a way into trading as well as delivering better value for traders’ money.

Minimal Spreads: Recognizing the importance of unimpeded trading, APG offers raw spreads, allowing traders to focus on their strategies and keep trading as pure as possible.

Flexible Evaluation Process: Unlike the industry norm of a 30-day limit for evaluations, APG allows traders as much time as possible to build their confidence and begin to showcase their skills. As they say, confidence is key.

Industry Leading Leverage: Offering an impressive 1:100 leverage, APG exceeds the standard 1:60, empowering traders to take larger positions and potentially enhance their returns.

Bi-Weekly Payouts: While many firms follow a monthly payout schedule, APG stands out by providing traders with bi-weekly payouts. Why wait for your money?

Recognition as Best Newcomer: APG was recently awarded the title of “Best Newcomer 2023” by Funded Trader; the first award of what could be many.

APG University: Educating new (and existing) traders is all-important. At the self-styled APG University, traders learn about technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology, to name but a few topics. Why not start your Prop Trading education now?

Comparisons with Blue Guardian and FTMO:

Blue Guardian: Blue Guardian styles itself as being for ‘serious traders’. They are known for a transparent trading environment, as well as an 85% profit split. Guardian Traders, as they are known, can also enjoy a bi-weekly payout, similarly to APG.

FTMO: FTMO, with its fabled 2-step evaluation process known as the FTMO Challenge, is one of the most respected names in proprietary trading. Their most notable headline grabbers are an alleged 90% profit share, and a $200,000 trading limit.

Choosing the Right Prop Firm:

Blue Guardian, FTMO, and the up-and-coming APG offer everything that any prop trader could ever need to the table. Traders are encouraged to consider their personal trading style, objectives, and priorities when selecting the most fitting prop trading platform. Whether you prioritize transparency, flexibility, or education, these firms offer unique pathways to success.

The decision ultimately lies in the hands of the trader, who with the help of APG, Blue Guardian, or FTMO, can navigate the potentially life-altering world of prop trading.

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